Ultra Smart Blinds – Smarter With Alexa and Google Voice Control

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Appeal Home Shading‘s ULTRA Smart Blinds have always been easy to operate. But now these blinds are easier than ever to fully retract and shut out the rest of the world. That’s because our range of powered blinds, fitted with ULTRA Smart technology, is now controllable from your Alexa or Google smart speaker. That means that with just a few simple words, you can control the lighting in your home, make yourself warmer and get some privacy.

Appeal is proud to offer these motorised blinds for homes across the UK today, and ULTRA Smart makes them ready for the homes of tomorrow. You can operate them via remote control as well, meaning you have more ways than ever to control your blinds. With our durable, hard-wearing fabrics and range of styles, we’re sure to have Alexa and Google-controlled blinds for your needs. Find out more about our smart blinds below:

Voice Control

Appeal’s blinds are now compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest to give you voice control of your blinds. Once you activate your smart speaker and say a command, your blinds will automatically begin to close or open. They’ll do this without folding or creasing, and you can make adjustments either manually, through your remote control or via voice control. That way, a voice is all you need to set the mood inside your living space.

Smooth Operation

ULTRA Smart blinds are mechanised to operate as smoothly as possible. And, with Alexa or Google Nest, getting that perfect motion is easier than ever. Your blinds will always cover the whole aperture of your windows and doors, achieving a blackout effect for easier sleep and privacy in sensitive rooms. And, with a flawless operation, the blinds won’t fold or crease – they’ll always look just right.

Tailored to You

With Appeal, you can fully customise your new ULTRA Smart blinds. All of our styles are available with Alexa and Google control, meaning you don’t have to make any compromises when picking your dream design. You’ll get a made-to-measure fit depending on the windows and doors you install the blinds for, and you can choose unique colour and fabric options too. That way, you’ll turn your home into a brighter and smarter place to live.
Alexa and Google Controlled Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

Appeal Home Shading’s ULTRA Smart blinds are easier to use than ever with Alexa or Google control. All you’ll need to control the shading in your property is a voice with our easy to use home shading solutions. If you’d like to learn more about our motorised blinds, why not request a free design consultation with our friendly team? Alternatively, request your brochure to see the specifications of our Alexa-compatible and Google-compatible powered blinds.