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We provide a wide range of window shades fit for any room in the house and accompanied with a multitude of benefits that are both practical and aesthetic. Combining style with our ULTRA Smart technology, we have modernised window shades to fit any home and any need.

Roller Shades

Our Roller shades offer a minimalist style that allows for a simpler interior design, whilst also offering over 400 fabric colours and patterns for you to choose from. Roller shades are both stylistic and practical, being highly customisable to meet your measurement and design requirements, a perfect choice for those looking for a bespoke piece to add to their home. These shades are energy efficient, as they act as a second barrier, capable of heat reflection and retention. This means you can save on the heating bill during the colder seasons and enjoy a cool and comfortable interior temperature during the hotter seasons.

On top of this, Roller shades are known for their ability to reduce glare. Allowing for only optimal light transfer, these shades can employ a variety of options, including blackout, dim out and sheer. Utilising our ULTRA Smart technology, these Roller shades can be controlled via remote or smartphone. Seamlessly control your shades without the need of ever getting up.

Roman Shades

Much like Roller shades, our roman style is manufactured from a single cut of high-quality fabric. Sporting an elegant pleat and fold at the bottom, these shades are a sophisticated addition to any interior. Capable of utilising an additional lining that saves heat, allowing for excellent temperature control, keeping your home warm and/or cool whenever you feel. Roman shades are low maintenance, meaning less fuss for you as they work as intended. Being designed to prevent the blind fabric fading from sunlight, possessing a considerable life span, meaning less future cost.

These shades have amazing soundproofing, a great piece if you live near a busy road or perhaps desire more privacy – Roman shades’ composition acts as a secluding barrier. They are also extremely customisable, with a sumptuous fabric range of hundreds of colours, patterns and designs for you to choose from. Fit for any décor, room and style, these shades can be tailored to your preferences and specifications. 

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Honeycomb Shades

Designed as a thermal barrier, Honeycomb shades possess a unique double-layered hexagonal look that prevents an excessive amount of external warmth from passing through windows. During the colder seasons, they can reduce heat loss through the glazing by as much as 60%, with tests showing that you could lower your energy bills by as much as 25%. 

Honeycomb shades are also capable of reducing harmful UV ray exposure, which can normally age and fade your furniture. Being built with a specific purpose in mind does not halt these shades from being a bespoke addition to your home either, as we offer a wide array of colours, from more muted creams and greys to striking blues and reds. They are perfect for bi-fold or sliding doors, as the Honeycomb shades are able to trap air in each of their cells, delaying the heat transfer between the window and your room.

Venetian Shades

Venetian shades are a classic design, providing a simple style that is easy to maintain. They’re a perfect fit for those who want the benefits of a modern shade, without the modern upkeep cost – rarely needing anything more than a simple wipe-down every once and a while. Built with durability in mind, they can cope with the humidity of a kitchen or bathroom, whilst sustaining the tough demands of a young child’s bedroom. These shades are highly customisable too, allowing for a tailored shade made specifically for you and your home.

Available in both timber wood and aluminium as well your specific measurement and colour requests. Venetian shades are capable of tilting their slats, allowing you to decide how much sunlight is filtered into your interior. This means you can prevent annoying sun glare whenever you want to watch TV, use your phone or tablet, whilst also having the option to allow as much light in without having to completely raise these shades. These shades work wonders in unison with our ULTRA Smart technology, allowing for remote and seamless control.

Get the Right Window Shades for You with Appeal

Our window shades are built and designed with the individual in mind first. Meaning that each shade we provide is not always the same, as we ensure that yours is personal and right for you. We’ve modernised classic designs with our ULTRA Smart technology, allowing for sleek and easy control of how you want your shades to sit, without interrupting your relaxation.

Get your free brochure online today or arrange a free design consultation with our team. We’ll work with you to help you find the right window shades for you and your home. We look forward to speaking with you soon.