What Type of Conservatory Roof Shades are Best?

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Here at Appeal, we offer a wide variety of conservatory roof shades that are available as shading solutions for a range of conservatories and orangeries. Make your expanded living space more comfortable and even easier to relax in as our conservatory roof shades enhance your home’s interior, reduce sun glare and block out harmful UV rays.

Bespoke, made to measure shades that perfectly fit to the roof panels of the room, our conservatory roof shades provide an abundance of benefits for you and your home. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to make any living space look and feel its best. In our complete guide to the best conservatory roof shades, we’ll help you to understand the many options available and find the perfect fit for your home. 

Original French Pinoleum Shades

A traditional and sophisticated take on conservatory roof shades, this will undoubtedly make any conservatory or orangery look and feel its best, with its enhanced aesthetics that offer a soft, beautiful, dappled light. Reinvent your extended space with an elegant and luxurious feel thanks to our encompassing Original French Pinoleum shades creating a relaxing ambience all year round.

Utilising these conservatory roof shades can help protect your plants and furniture by effectively granting you better control of how much sunlight they let in and granting you more control over the temperature of the space. The precision engineering of our Original French Pinoleum shades means you can enjoy improved shading with a style that suits your home and still allows you to enjoy gorgeous views of your garden. 

Pleated Conservatory Shades

Our market leading pleated conservatory roof shades are the perfect addition for any extension, be it conservatory or orangery. Pleated conservatory shades have been one of the UK’s most popular shading options for decades. They are an incredibly practical investment, providing you with temperature control and privacy, alongside eye catching style.

Through the utilisation of our Perma-Pleat technology, our shades are far less likely to stretch or gather towards the base, maintaining their neat appearance. Our conservatory roof shades are also bespoke to each of our valued customers. This means that we offer a complete made to measure service. Here at Appeal, we make our conservatory roof shades tailored to your extensions, creating a seamless addition that will fit perfectly.

Honeycomb Shades

Our honeycomb conservatory roof shades are similar to the aforementioned pleated conservatory roof shades. However, they differ through their unique double layered and hexagonal design, hence their ‘honeycomb’ name. Enjoy a warmer and more comfortable conservatory with our honeycomb shades, as they have achieved an excellent standard of thermal reflection and retention. This means that the amount of heat loss in your extension is drastically reduced, keeping your interior warm and cosy, which is especially helpful during the colder seasons. They have also been expertly designed to block out incoming heat, keeping the interior cool and comfortable during the hotter seasons.

Our Honeycomb shades blend practicality with an enduringly popular design that can effortlessly improve the overall aesthetics of your conservatory or extended living space. Homeowners can decide on how they want their honeycomb conservatory roof shades to look in all aspects. This includes the exact dimensions, colours, and styles, ensuring you get shading solutions that are absolutely perfect for your conservatory or orangery. That way, you can get the best energy saving shades for your home.

Solar R Shades

Solar R shades are exclusive to Appeal and are an industry leading choice. They are capable of delivering a higher level of thermal retention qualities than others on the market. This means you can enjoy exceptional performance alongside eye catching style. 

Solar R conservatory roof shades deliver a subtle but eye catching aesthetic, easily enhancing the visual appeal of any conservatory, orangery, or extension. Not only are they easy to operate, but they are also extremely durable, blending practicality with a timeless design.

With our Solar R conservatory roof shades, we offer performance upgrades to colour variants and operation configurations; we have something for every home. Wherever you live in mainland England, Scotland or Wales, you can benefit from our market leading; tailor made Solar R blinds.

The Best Conservatory Roof Shades from Appeal

What type of conservatory roof shades are best? Here at Appeal, all of our conservatory roof shades offer elevated style and functionality to every conservatory, orangery and extension they are designed for and installed. Enjoy the extra benefits of temperature and light control, all the while creating a relaxed ambience that makes your living space look and feel better. 

If you’re comparing conservatory blinds vs conservatory curtains, there’s no competition when it comes to Appeal! Our shading solutions will keep your space cool and stop your conservatory overheating with stylish and practical innovations.

To find out which will be the best conservatory roof shades for you and your home, we welcome you to request your free brochure online today. You can also arrange a free design consultation with our experts to discuss your options and design your made to measure conservatory roof shading solution today. You can even get a free quote with our conservatory blinds cost calculator. We look forward to working with you soon!