What Makes the Best Fly Screens?

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What makes the best fly screens for your home? One of the most frustrating things about the summertime is when flies get into your home on a hot day. You don’t want to close the windows or doors and make your living space feel stuffy, but that often means leaving it exposed. As a result, you can spend hours finding them in the nooks and crannies of your home, and you’ll be using insect spray with strong chemicals that can be harmful.

A great solution to this problem is fly screens. Fly screens, also known as insect screens, are thin mesh screens that can adorn your windows or doors to keep insects from entering your home. You’ll still be able to have your windows and doors open, though, creating a cooler environment in the summer. And, because the mesh can be quite thin, it shouldn’t obstruct your views of the outside world.

At Appeal Home Shading, we’ve set out to create the best fly screens for windows and doors on the market today. Our screens have ClearVu mesh, a slimline design that does what its name implies. Not only that, it’s easy to operate and invisible when not in use thanks to a discreet cassette into which our screens retract. As a result, you can benefit from an insect-free home all year long.

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We supply advanced fly screens that will continue to protect against insects for years to come. With a durable mesh inside the design and unique engineering, we’ve made sure our fly screens are strong while also being lightweight. As a result, they won’t weigh down your windows or doors, but they’ll also turn them into effective barriers against bugs. The resilient design ensures that wind and rain won’t cause any issues either as high quality insect mesh is highly effective at protecting your home all year round..

Because of this, our fly screens don’t rust, wear down or distort for decades to come like some designs might. That means they’ll keep their shape and their strength for much longer, protecting your home from insects for years longer than you might expect. The durable design also allows our fly screens to operate smoothly after years of regular usage. That way, our fly screens are guaranteed to be a great long-term investment for your home.

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Some fly screens can be bulky additions for windows and doors. The whole design could end up being an eyesore, ruining the look and feel of your home and obstructing your views of the outside world. At Appeal, we’ve ensured that our fly screens are sleek, stylish and discreet for your home. When fully retracted, our fly screens sit inside a slimline cassette that blends in seamlessly with the profile of your window or door.

This sleek design allows you to have an optimal vision in and out of your home. And, by using ClearVu micro mesh, you’ll be able to see right through your fly screen and into your garden. You’ll also be able to ventilate your home without issue, particularly at night when moths and mosquitos come calling. The cool breeze our fly screens also allows can ventilate your home, meaning you can save money on buying another fan this summer.

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At Appeal, we also know that everybody’s windows or doors are different. You might have small doors or large windows that are difficult to find additions for. However, with us, you’ll always get a bespoke design, including with our fly screens. We make sure the designs are made-to-measure and carefully curated to meet your specific requirements.

We manufacture your fly screens to order, meaning you get a perfect fit for your windows and doors. We also take a collaborative approach, working with you to design a fly screen that is ideal for your property and benefits you and your family. Our retractable window and door fly screens will be discreet, sleek and won’t become an eyesore in your home. Insect screens are a common sight in America and for good reason; the best fly screens can drastically reduce the number of unwanted visitors to your home.

Fly Screens for Windows and Doors from Appeal

Appeal is proud to offer some of the best fly screens for windows and doors on the market today. With durable ClearVu mesh, our discreet cassette and a fully retractable design, they make for a sleek, subtle addition to your property. However, the benefits they offer become clear straight away. During those hot summer days, you can keep your home cool and bright without worrying about intrusive insects.

To learn more about our fly screens, also known as mosquito screens, why not request a free brochure today? You can see our wide range of products in detail to help you make your decision. And, with a free design consultation, you can explore your options with the help of our friendly team. Request your meeting with us to start the process and learn all you need to know about the best fly screens for doors and windows you’ll find in the UK.