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Interior window shutters are a classic design that can perfectly fit into any room of any home. Available in a range of styles and shapes, they are a versatile piece for anyone looking to spruce up their interior décor. Brimming with a multitude of practical benefits that can improve your quality of life, whilst reducing cost, our interior window shutters are highly customisable, allowing for a finished product to be bespoke, tailored to your house, your room and yourself.

A number of shapes these interior window shutters can take are:

Classic Full Height

This covers the full height of your window, encompassing it for greater privacy and light transfer control.

Versatile Tier-on-Tier

With two sets of interior window shutters on top of each other, this allows you to have each be independently controlled, allowing for more flexible control of what shutters stay open or closed.

Solid Panel

Made from solid wood, a Victorian-inspired design that is a perfect addition for period homes.

Informal Café

Interior window shutters that are only fitted at the bottom half of a window, giving a chic style and allowing light in whilst retaining the privacy you want.

Tracked Shutters

Great for both doors and windows, a run-on tracks style for the top and/or bottom. Perfect for large windows and doors, including French doors, wardrobe doors or as room dividers.

However, these interior window shutters are not just limited to these aforementioned shapes; rather, we offer bespoke options for more irregular shaped windows, able to fit shutters of any size and shape, such as arched, round or triangular.

Interior window shutters also come in a wide array of styles:

Classic Window Shutters

Classic Window Shutters are made from high-quality timber, meaning that these interior window shutters have high strength. These are perfect for those who want a durable design that can resist damage and knocks. These solid timber panels are well suited for rooms that may require that extra protection, such as the child’s bedroom or acting as a room divider between the hectic living room and kitchen. These interior window shutters are an excellent investment for the long term. Requiring no excessive upkeep with the hardwood providing a substantial lifespan, with its impressive durability ensuring that younger children and pets will not be a problem.

Due to their strength and resistance, Classic Window Shutters have a number of applications, capable of functioning as full height panel window shutters or as tracked internal dividers and doors. This on top of its excellent thermal control ensures this style of interior window shutters is a practical, cost-efficient and aesthetic choice for any homeowner that wants functionality and aesthetic as one. They are ideal for all kinds of shaped windows, making them an excellent choice as bay window shutters and more. You can even choose waterproof bathroom shutters for peace of mind. 

Eco-Wood Window Shutters

Looking for a greener option in interior window shutters? Perhaps Eco-Wood Window Shutters are for you. An environmentally friendly variant on our classic timber window shutters, they are manufactured in Light Density Fibreboard (LDF), an engineered wood product made from wood fibres and resin compressed together. Taken from timber offcuts, utilising the whole of the log, meaning there is no waste making this an environmentally friendly alternative to real wood. This does not mean we are compromising strength or performance, as these interior window shutters are just as durable compared to our other timber systems.

Built to last and being environmentally friendly, this is a perfect pick for those who are environmentally conscious, whilst also wanting a reliable and worthwhile product to complete their interior décor. Our Eco-Wood Window Shutters boast excellent light control, meaning that they can reduce glare and harmful UV exposure. This means you can enjoy your TV, phones and tablets without hindrance, as well prevent age and fade upon your furniture.

Premier Window Shutters

A highly versatile interior window shutter, Premier Window Shutters are perfect for those who want an extremely customisable option to allow for a tailored product made specifically for them. Offering a wide range of materials along with its relatively low density, Premier Window Shutters can be altered to fit any regular and irregular shape of the window. Not just limited to windows, this interior window shutter can be offered in tracked variants for use as wardrobe doors or internal dividers. Finish this off with a wide selection of louvre sizes, colours and finishes. There are 23 standard colours and 26 stained finishes available. This, along with its manufacturing of premium hardwood timber grown with tight grain and high dimensional stability, allows for an impressive lifespan, regardless of what shape it takes.

Our interior windows shutters come with a number of options that allow you to decide its shape, style, colour and finish. Not limited to just windows, capable of acting as doors and room dividers also, accompanied with a robust composition made from timber wood that can be available in a more environmentally friendly option. These shutters’ versatility allow for an appealing choice for everyone.

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