Electric Blinds for Large Windows

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Appeal Home Shading can install Electric Blinds, even for large windows. It’s because we make all of our blinds made-to-measure, meaning you’ll always be able to cover the full length and width of the windows in your home. Electric Blinds are becoming a better option than ever for large windows. Not only are they easier to operate, but they operate more smoothly, making them an ideal option when they have to cover a larger area.

Appeal can install large Electric Blinds for almost any window in your home, including irregularly shaped windows. You can cover the aperture of your window fully too, meaning our electric blinds can reduce the influx of light almost entirely. That means, should you want privacy, darkness or quiet, you can shut the outside world out completely. Our shades for large windows also act as an additional layer of insulation, and they give you precise lighting control.

We’ve made Electric Blinds even better. That’s because we offer ULTRA Smart blinds in a wide range of styles for your home, including Roller, Pleated, Roman, Venetian and our Honeycomb Energy Saver Blinds. ULTRA Smart technology means these blinds are controllable in various ways, including smartphones and even Alexa and Google voice commands! Our Electric Blinds for large windows are sure to be a perfect fit for your property.

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Easy to Use Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds from Appeal are easy to use, even when fitted for large windows. It’s because they have a mechanised opening, meaning you don’t have to pull and adjust the blinds yourself. Instead, you can control how much light enters your home at the touch of a button or by just saying a simple command to your smart speaker. From there, the blinds smoothly adjust in the position you’d like them without you having to get up.

Our Electric Blinds also have plenty of features that make them smarter for your home. For example, there are options for an automatic timer, and our blinds have light and temperature sensors so they can open or close without you having to move a muscle. They’ll adjust according to conditions outside so they’ll always keep you warm and comfortable inside your home.

ULTRA Smart Blinds for Large Windows

Durable Electric Blinds

Another benefit of installing our Electric Blinds for large windows is the durability of our designs. At Appeal, we combine traditional ways of making your blinds last longer with more durable versions of new solutions. Because of this, ours have rechargeable battery packs, meaning no mains wires need to be used. Not only that, we have durable, hard-wearing fabrics in our range, and we use sturdy materials like wood and aluminium in some designs.

Your blinds also won’t fold or crease out of shape. When you manipulate blinds manually, there’s often a risk of twisting the blinds or leaving marks that could cause them to not pull down in the correct shape. Thanks to ULTRA Smart technology, our electric shades travel downwards or across large windows at the right pace so as not to warp the blinds out of shape. As a result, they’ll continue to look their best for years to come.

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Efficient Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds are also efficient to install on large windows in several ways. With their motorised operation, you won’t have to reach high places to adjust your blinds, reducing effort and preventing a potential safety hazard. Additionally, our rechargeable battery pack system means you won’t have to connect your blinds to your mains electricity constantly. That way, you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint in a small way when your blinds aren’t in use.

However, the main way you’ll notice how efficient our Electric Blinds are is in their insulation. When you extend your blinds, they act as a thermal barrier, helping to keep cold air out of your home. And, in the summer, they can reflect solar glare and heat away from your home and prevent glare and the greenhouse effect from making it less comfortable. You could find that you save money on your energy bills as a result!

electric blinds for large windows

Electric Blinds for Large Windows from Appeal

If you have large windows, then blinds are an ideal solution for them. However, manual blinds can be difficult to operate with their size. That’s where electric blinds for large windows from Appeal Home Shading come in. With ULTRA Smart technology at their heart, these motorised blinds are perfect for achieving precise lighting control, improving privacy and making your home a more comfortable place to live.

At Appeal, we make all of our Electric Blinds made-to-measure for large windows, and they’re fully customisable for your home. That way, you’ll always get a bespoke fit with us. To start the journey to getting new electric blinds for your home, request a free brochure or get a design consultation with our team. Our experts will help you create the blinds of your dreams and deliver them to you in no time.