Blinds for Sky Lanterns

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Appeal can help you find blinds for sky lanterns that give you extra warmth and natural light. While a sky lantern can open up your home to nature, it can sometimes make you feel a little exposed. You could find that loud noises travel through the glazing above you, making it difficult to relax and unwind. Not only that, you might be concerned about cold air transfer through the glazing to make your space less comfortable in the winter.

To combat this, and to enhance their already stunning appeal, sky lanterns can be enhanced with additional protection. That’s why, at Appeal Home Shading, we’re able to supply bespoke ClearView Lantern Roof Blinds for homes across England, Wales and Scotland. These blinds are specifically designed for the challenges sky lanterns can face, are available in large configurations and have powered operation with ULTRA Smart technology.

You can customise your bespoke blinds to make sure they fit the full aperture of the glazing in your sky lantern, meaning they cover all of the exposed glass. That way, you can get a sense of privacy, make your home a little warmer and even add a centrepiece with our selection of colours, finishes and patterns. Plus, with no intrusive wires, you’ll still get a great view of the sky above.

clearview lantern roof blinds

Energy Saving Sky Lantern Blinds

Our blinds for sky lanterns have an innovative and intelligent structure in the design of their fabric. At Appeal, we’ve created the Honeycomb Energy Saver fabric, a double-layered material that helps to reflect heat and insulate against cold air. As a result, our sky lantern blinds can keep you warm and comfortable every day in your home.

These blinds have a hexagonal honeycomb shape in their fabric which can provide up to 80% better thermal insulation. And, during the summer, our blinds will prevent solar gain, reducing the greenhouse effect in your living space. Therefore, you’ll be just as comfortable inside your home during the summer as you will be in colder months. And, when winter rolls around, our sky lantern blinds can help you cut your energy bills by as much as 25%!

conservatory lantern roof blinds

ULTRA Smart Sky Lantern Blinds

We also fit our blinds for sky lanterns with ULTRA Smart control. This technology allows you to use your blinds in almost any way you want without manually opening or adjusting them. ULTRA Smart blinds are controllable via remote, a wall-mounted panel, or smartphone and smart speaker. That means all you might need is a voice command to Alexa or your Google Nest to control your blinds as you choose.

ULTRA Smart technology also automates our sky lantern blinds. You can either get blinds with an automated timer that closes and opens them in certain cycles or with sensors. Our temperature and light sensors allow your blinds to intelligently control themselves, opening up and closing again when the time is right. That way, you’ll effectively manage your home’s lighting and energy usage – without so much as lifting a finger.

Blinds for Sky Lanterns Prices

Unobstructed Sky Lantern Blinds

Finally, our sky lantern blinds can help you improve comfort and visibility both inside and outside your home. When you’re inside, harsh sunlight from your sky lantern can sometimes make it difficult to see screens on laptops, televisions and smartphones. However, when you extend your blinds, you can eliminate intrusive light from your home. That way, you can control the light to better suit your needs at any given moment.

Additionally, Appeal’s blinds for sky lanterns have no visible support wires. As a result, the design remains discreet and sleek when retracted, and it won’t leave anything in the way of your sky lantern when they’re open. You’ll get an unobstructed view of the sky above, giving your living space the perfect backdrop. We can also install our sky lantern blinds made-to-measure for a perfect, seamless fit in your home.

Blinds for Sky Lanterns from Appeal

If you have a sky lantern in your home, then blinds could enhance it to help your space achieve its full potential. Appeal Home Shading is proud to supply bespoke ClearView Lantern Roof Blinds for our customers, as they bring a high-quality design to any property. Our fully customisable, made-to-measure blinds will fit your sky lantern perfectly, with a colourful and stylish aesthetic to match.

To find out more about installing blinds for sky lanterns in your home, get in touch with our team today. You can request a free brochure to find out more about the specifications of our blinds, or you can get a free design consultation. Our expert team will take you through our full list of options to find the perfect blinds for your home!