Blinds for Irregular Shaped Windows

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Appeal creates blinds for every window, including irregular and awkward shaped windows that might be in your home. While most windows have a square shape, yours might be very different. You could have traditional windows with an oval shape or arch-top, or live in a heritage building with other unique windows or something else entirely unique to you. Either way, these windows are notorious for being difficult to improve, maintain and shade.

In many cases, awkwardly shaped windows are found in heritage buildings. Because of this, they can be difficult to replace due to rules around enhancing these homes that might cause them to lose their character. Not only that, many companies don’t make other features, such as blinds, in these shapes. Some outlets will have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, only offering templates that can’t accommodate irregular shaped windows and don’t work for many people.

At Appeal Home Shading, however, we make our range of window blinds made-to-measure. Because of this, you can work with us to create a customised blind that fits the majority of irregular shaped windows perfectly. And, with our durable materials and ULTRA Smart technology, it’ll operate smoothly and for decades to come. Get blinds for even the most awkward shaped windows when you choose Appeal’s designs today.

blinds for awkward shaped windows

How Does Appeal Create Blinds for Irregular Shaped Windows?

Made-to-Measure Manufacturing

At Appeal, we’re not like every company out there. That’s because, while some only sell their blinds as templates or offer a limited range, we build our blinds to be bespoke to your home. We work at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bristol to make our made-to-measure blinds to your precise requirements. Because of this, everything is cut and trimmed into almost any shape, even the most uniquely shaped windows.

By investing in bespoke blinds for your home, you can cover the full aperture of your windows. That means you can control the light in your home more precisely, and you’ll benefit from better heat and sound insulation. You can even extent the blinds fully to achieve an almost-blackout effect in your home when you need it. This effect shuts the world out entirely, ideal for getting sleep and having some privacy.

bespoke blinds for irregular shaped windows

Fully Customisable Designs

With Appeal, every aspect of our blinds is yours to control. We make sure all of our blinds are fully customisable, and we offer a range of options to help you create the ideal design for your home. For example, you can pick from various styles, such as Roller, Pleated, Roman, Venetian and our Honeycomb Energy Saver option. Once you’ve picked your style, you’re in charge of selecting the colour or pattern of the design as well.

We design our blinds with sturdy materials to make sure your design lasts. By using durable, hard-wearing fabric, resilient timber and robust aluminium across our range, you can choose how your blinds will look and feel with ease. Not only that, your blinds will be able to keep their shape and colour vibrancy for years to come. That way, you can be sure our blinds will protect your awkward shaped windows for decades.

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ULTRA Smart Operation

Another way we’re able to create blinds for irregular shaped windows is through our ULTRA Smart technology. ULTRA Smart makes your blinds digital, with a motorised opening system and the ability to open your blinds without touching them. Rather than adjust them manually, which can be a nightmare with some irregular shaped windows, you can control them via your smartphone or even through voice command using an Alexa or Google Nest.

ULTRA Smart makes your blinds sleeker, too. With no unsightly cords around the design, your blinds are also child-safe despite having a motorised opening. You can power the blinds via a rechargeable battery pack that is great for safety and reduces the amount of electricity your blinds need to operate. And, with the thermally efficient design of our blinds for windows, you could find that you save money on energy bills when they’re down.

Blinds for Awkward Shaped Windows from Appeal

Do you have awkwardly shaped windows in your home and are unable to find high-quality blinds in the unique configuration you need them? In that case, you can speak to Appeal Home Shading today to find made-to-measure blinds in all shapes and sizes, along with the most important one: yours. We’ll manufacture your blinds to your requirements and ensure a superb system that’s easy to use and enjoy for decades to come.

If you’d like to learn more about how we make blinds for any windows, you can request a free brochure. And, to design your dream blinds for irregular shaped windows, get a free design consultation with our team to create your design with the experts!